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Hiring a Januvia Lawyer

Januvia courthouseHiring the right Januvia or Byetta lawyer can mean the difference between success and failure in a product liability lawsuit. Bringing defective drug litigation against pharmaceutical companies can be like fighting an uphill battle – the drug makers have seemingly unlimited resources. But a skilled and experienced Januvia lawyer can help you level the playing field by marshaling scientific research, medical records, internal company documents and expert doctor testimony to prove that you would not have suffered injury had you not taken these controversial incretin mimetic medications.

Why you may need a Januvia lawyer

Januvia is a brand name for the drug sitagliptin. This oral medication is supposed to control type 2 diabetes as well as prevent some of its serious complications such as kidney damage, blindness, and nerve damage. It works by increasing natural substances called incretins which help to increase the release of insulin, controlling blood sugar.

Byetta, the brand name for the drug exenatide, works in a similar way but is taken by injection instead of orally.

Some people who took Januvia or other diabetes-related drugs to protect and prolong their lives have, as a result, developed life-threatening cancers. Unfortunately, studies show that patients who take Januvia are at greater risk for developing pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, thyroid cancer, and other dangerous medical conditions.

Januvia lawyers are now actively examining the claims of patients who took these drugs and then developed dangerous conditions. Patients whose cancer or other serious medical conditions were caused by Januvia or Byetta may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain & suffering, lost wages, and more.

How a Januvia & Byetta lawyer can help

In any dangerous drug lawsuit, an injured party must prove fault in order to recover. One required element in proving fault is establishing that the injury was directly caused by the drug. The causal relationship can be confusing to a jury because patients who take Januvia and other incretin-mimicking drugs were already suffering from a medical condition, and particularly one that involves the function of the pancreas.

A good Januvia lawyer works with doctors and pharmaceutical experts to build a case that a jury will understand even though the subject can be complicated.

How a dangerous drug lawyer builds a strong case

While providing a compassionate guiding hand to clients who may be under stress by the pressure of litigation and health problems caused by a dangerous drug, a skilled product liability lawyer will also:

  • Obtain and review the treatment history and medical records that are relevant to the client’s use of the dangerous drug and development of cancer or other dangerous side effect
  • Stay up-to-date on the medical literature linking the use of Januvia and other incretin-related drugs to pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, and other dangerous medical conditions
  • Work side-by-side with authoritative experts who can explain complicated medical concepts to a jury
  • Manage pre-trial fact-finding with the court and other parties, and settlement negotiations
  • Confidently present the case to the jury if settlement negotiations are unsuccessful

Tips for finding a dangerous drug lawyer

There are two things to keep in mind when hiring a dangerous drug lawyer for your Januvia lawsuit. First, they work for you so you want someone you are comfortable talking with and who returns your phone calls. Second, your lawyer will be going up against attorneys retained by the drug manufacturers. So you want to hire a lawyer who knows about the pharmaceutical industry and how Januvia works.

It is not important to hire a lawyer with flashy commercials or shiny ads – what matters is experience and skill. Not all lawyers are competent in all areas; a divorce lawyer may be fantastic at his job but that does not make him skilled in dangerous drug litigation. Seek a lawyer with experience representing injured plaintiffs against large drug manufacturers.

Things to avoid in selecting a lawyer

Some of the things to avoid when selecting a pharmaceutical product liability attorney include:

  • Lawyers without the right kind of experience – an attorney with a winning track record defending traffic violation cases is not necessarily skilled to handle a pharmaceutical case
  • Lawyers who do not return phone calls – if an attorney doesn’t respond promptly it may indicate that they are disorganized enough to miss court deadlines, jeopardizing your case
  • Lawyers who promise a win – even in the soundest case, there are no guarantees of victory. A judge’s unexpected ruling on the admissibility of evidence, a change in testimony by a key witness, surprises in an expert’s testimony, a juror’s unknown history making him or her sympathetic to one party or the other – there are too many variables in any case to ever know for certain how a trial will turn out.

Time is of the essence in hiring a dangerous drug lawyer

When it comes to personal injuries, including adverse effects caused by dangerous drugs like Januvia, timing is essential. Statutes of limitations limit how long a plaintiff has to file a lawsuit. If you think you may have a dangerous drug claim against a manufacturer of a drug like Januvia or Byetta, speak to an experienced lawyer who specializes in dangerous drug product liability claims as soon as possible.

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