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DrugReporter helps consumers injured by dangerous drugs


Helping consumers affected by dangerous drugs is dedicated to bringing consumers the latest information on dangerous prescription drugs which impact the health and safety of US consumers. At you will find the most current information on prescription drug recalls, FDA warnings, black box label changes, and lawsuits against the drug manufacturers.

Many of the drugs thought to be safe become subject FDA scrutiny when consumers begin to report serious side effects. In the hunt for big profits, drug manufacturers often fail to warn consumers about health concerns from the drugs they make and as a result, thousands of consumers are injured each year and file lawsuits for serious side effects ranging from heart attack, to bladder cancer, diabetes, birth defects, uncontrolled bleeding,  and much more.

Lawsuits, ranging from individual lawsuits, to class action lawsuits and multi-district litigation are brought to the courts every month by consumers. believes consumers should be informed about which drugs and which manufacturers are the subject of lawsuits, and provides up to the minute information on these lawsuits as they progress through the court system.

If there are topics you’d like to know about, please feel free to send us an email and we’ll do our best to add those subjects to our news schedule.



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Editorial Staff

David Eisbrouch

Eisbrouch Marsh, LLC

David Eisbrouch is the founder and senior partner of Eisbrouch Marsh, LLC. For over 25 years, Mr. Eisbrouch has represented plaintiffs in all manner of negligence cases. He has played significant roles in various mass tort litigation, most notably in the recent Vioxx and Avandia settlements.

Jenn Fusion


Jenn Fusion came to Drug Reporter with a B.A. in Journalism and over 10 years of full-time professional writing experience. She brings a passion for research and detail to all of her articles that is rare on websites these days. This New York “newshound” brings you the latest on Actos, Januvia, Granuflo, and more.

Sarah May

Staff Writer

Sarah May has over a decade of experience as a practicing attorney and has recently turned her attention to freelance writing on a range of legal subjects for Drug Reporter. Among her primary areas of interest are topics pertaining to FDA warnings, dangerous drug litigation and medical malpractice.

Stephanie Reid


Stephanie Reid is a practicing attorney as well as versatile legal writer. While her legal work focuses on the representation of children as a guardian ad litem, she devotes much of her writing to advancing issues relating to consumer rights and medical malpractice. She is thrilled to be part of the Drug Reporter team as a staff writer exposing issues relating to dangerous drugs and pharmaceutical litigation.

Jacky Gale


Since graduating from Skidmore College, Jacky’s work has been primarily focused on the rights of patients and the importance of self-advocacy. She is particularly passionate about raising awareness of the risks of dangerous drugs such as Pradaxa and Actos, and informing patients of the possible alternatives. Jacky brings years of journalism experience to Drug Reporter, including a portfolio of work published on websites such as LIVESTRONG and USA Today.

Whitney Taylor


After earning her journalism degree, Whitney Taylor has worked for numerous online and print publications since 2004. More recently, she has used her training to advocate for women’s issues, particularly in the area of dangerous drugs and medical devices. At Drug Reporter, she focuses on oral contraceptives and surgical mesh implants.

Laura Woods


Laura is a professional copywriter, blogger, and editor with more than seven years of experience in the field. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh and earned her MBA from Robert Morris University. Since joining Drug Reporter, she enjoys the opportunity to help provide consumers with updated information on lawsuits involving dangerous drugs.

Dawn Snyder


Dawn Snyder has taken nearly a decade of litigation experience and turned her focus on legal writing. As a solo practitioner with a strong research and writing practice, she has turned her attention to writing about the medical industry

Katarina Siegfeld


Katarina Siegfeld is a writer, professor, translator, and editor. Her training is in art and art history and she has spent years helping her students to write clearly and passionately about significant issues in the arts and society. She brings a concern for social and historical contextualization to her writing about drug safety and legal issues.