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Dangerous Drugs

FDA Warnings and Side Effects

Consumer information on prescription drugs that have been
the subject of FDA warnings, recalls and serious side effects.

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  • SGLT2 inhibitors

    Invokana, Farxiga & Jardiance linked to ketoacidosis, a serious… Read More

  • Nexium

    Increased risk of kidney failure and other side effects reported, lawsuits… Read More

  • Xarelto

    Excessive bleeding, internal bleeding, hemorrhaging and… Read More

  • Talcum Powder

    Ovarian cancer may be linked to regular talcum powder use… Read More

  • Zofran

    When used to treat morning sickness, birth defects have been… Read More

  • Taxotere

    Permanent hair loss and other side effects have been reported …Read More

  • Risperdal

    Use of Risperdal in teens results in male breast growth and… Read More

  • Testosterone Therapy

    Heart attacks, blood clots and strokes have been reported … Read More