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AbbVie Looking for Further Delay in AndroGel Lawsuits

Presently, there are over 800 AndroGel lawsuits pending against manufacturer AbbVie, all of which are seeking compensation for expenses and damages incurred as a result of alleged side effects linked to the testosterone therapy. These claims, which have been consolidated along with other lesser-known claims against testosterone replacement products, are awaiting... Read more »

Georgia Man Files Testosterone Drug Lawsuit

Byetta pancreatic cancer patient
A Nashville, GA man has filed a short form complaint, which is part of the ongoing testosterone replacement therapy multidistrict litigation. George Lantis began taking Axiron in 2010 and used it until May 25, 2013. He claims testosterone replacement therapy caused him to suffer multiple serious and life-threatening blood clots.... Read more »

JPML Denies Motion to Centralize Testofen Lawsuits

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) is a panel of federal judges that is authorized to determine whether civil actions pending in district courts should be moved to one federal court for consolidated pretrial proceedings. This centralization of cases is meant to help conserve judicial resources, reduce chance of duplicative... Read more »

Axiron Lawsuit Filed Over Heart Attack Death

An Axiron lawsuit has been filed over a heart attack death that plaintiffs contend was caused by testosterone replacement therapy. The complaint, filed on March 17 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, names Janice Ollenburger, individually and on behalf of Jerry Ollenburger, the... Read more »

New Study Reveals Need for Clinical Clarification of Testosterone Side Effects

Byetta pancreatic cancer patient
For aging men, testosterone replacement therapy can help combat some of the physiological symptoms of decreasing testosterone levels – a condition known as “Low-T.” However, much like female hormone replacement therapy, Low-T treatments have come under increasing scrutiny for potential side effects and unexpected life-threatening ailments in patients receiving therapy... Read more »