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EMA Study Highlights Testosterone Drug Risks

The European Medicines Agency recently released a statement regarding testosterone drug risks for patients using drugs like Androgel, Axiron, AndroDerm and Testim. The November 21 statement noted that drugs should be used with caution, although researchers are still working to determine their link to health problems. The statement was released... Read more »

FDA Panel Backs New Testosterone Drug Safety Limits

Amid concerns over testosterone therapy side effects, an FDA panel has backed limitations on labeling for testosterone to exclude prescriptions for men who take the therapy only to counteract ordinary signs of aging rather than specific hormonal abnormalities. The panel also voted overwhelmingly to require clinical safety trials for some... Read more »

Preliminary Discovery Plan Outlined for Low T Drug Lawsuits

Low T drug lawsuits alleging life-altering complications from Androgel, Testim and other testosterone supplements continue to mount in courtrooms across the nation. Plaintiffs claim they were inadequately warned about the risk of cardiovascular injury, stroke, heart attack and other severe health complications by the manufacturers of testosterone replacement products. A... Read more »

Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits Centralized

All testosterone therapy lawsuits filed in U.S. District Courts nationwide, alleging injuries because of Low T treatments, will now go before one judge in the Northern District of Illinois in centralized litigation known as “multidistrict litigation” or MDL. This move comes on the heels of June 6 order by a... Read more »