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Male Breast Reduction Surgery for Risperdal Patients

Risperdal bottleMale breast reduction surgery is a treatment option for men who have developed large breasts. It is a type of cosmetic surgery in which extra fat and glandular tissue are removed in order to recreate the appearance of a flatter and more masculine chest.  While weight loss can accomplish this goal for some men, in other cases, cosmetic surgery is the only way to eliminate male breast growth, especially when glandular breast tissue remains on men with otherwise lean bodies.

The development of male breasts (or gynecomastia) can occur for a number of reasons, including excess weight in general or genetic predisposition. While sometimes the cause can be unknown, gynecomastia has also been associated with the use of certain medications. Several studies have supported a link between the appearance of gynecomastia and Risperdal, a drug used to treat such conditions as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and ADHD.

Risperdal has been prescribed to treat these conditions in boys and young men, resulting in their developing of gynecomastia during a psychologically vulnerable time in their development. In such cases, male breast reduction surgery is often required to treat the potentially damaging condition in these youths.

The link between risperdal and gynecomastia

Several studies have linked the use of Risperdal with the production of prolactin, a hormone responsible for breast growth. The findings of such studies have included a correlation between boys taking the medication with a higher development rate of gynecomastia, and a correlation between dosage level and the number or intensity of symptoms. One study suggests that boys who stop taking Risperdal early enough saw the resolution of related problems.

Hundreds of Risperdal lawsuits have been filed by young men who contend that their early use of the drug resulted in the growth of breasts. Allegations in such lawsuits include claims that Janssen Pharmaceuticals promoted use by boys younger than the ages for which the drug had been approved by the FDA. Some complaints allege that patients as young as 10 (or younger) were prescribed the drugs with no warning about possible breast development.

Some early lawsuits have ended in victory for the plaintiffs. For instance, it took only one day for the defendant to settle the first gynecomastia lawsuit in 2012 with a plaintiff in Pennsylvania. The plaintiff received an undisclosed settlement after he developed large breasts which required surgical removal.

Surgery, counseling required to treat male breast growth

Enlarged male breasts can provide a physical hindrance for young men, but the primary impact is on their psychological well-being. Many young men endure bullying or tormenting at the hands of classmates and endure depression, anxiety, social isolation, and thoughts of suicide. Young men endure humiliation in gym class or at the pool and, in many cases, cannot hide their unwanted physical attributes even while clothed.

Counseling is often necessary to emerge from this difficult experience, but the physical removal of unwanted breasts may prove necessary as well. Fortunately, patients generally enjoy good physical results with male breast reduction surgery and the procedure assists in their psychological recovery as well.

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